5 Easy Eyes Brightening Makeup Tricks for You

Eyes are the most prominent part of your face. Today when we talk about the makeup, makeup looks tends to focus on the eyes mainly. We all are not blessed with those big and bright attractive eyes. Your eyes look tired and dull due to stressing work schedules nowadays and lack of sleep. And as a result your entire makeover gets spoiled if your eyes are not looking beautiful. If you guys are facing the same problems, here in this post I am sharing some eye makeup tricks with you all. You can’t miss these easy eyes brightening tips and tricks and make your eyes look stunning.


Apply Pigment

If you cannot apply aligned eyeliner or have shaky hands then try pigments. In this situation make pigments your best friend because you can apply pigment easily and hide your eye makeup mistakes easily. To make your eyes look dramatic and bright you just need to draw a smoky and thick line towards the outer corners of your eyes.


Ditch Kajal

I know every girl loves Kajal or liner on their waterline but try ditching it now and make your look brighter by applying bright eyeliner aligning your upper eyelashes. 


Bright Colored Eyeliner

This is the time for an experiment. Make your eyes look brighter and dramatic with colored eyeliner and see how your eyes look wide awake and beautiful. So, go bold today and experiment with bright and glittery colored eyeliner.


Don’t Forget Mascara Ever

Mascara helps make your eyes pop. Because curvy and long eyelashes always stand out, so use Mascara always. If your eyelashes are not long and curvy, you can buy fake eyelashes, it is easily available in the market. Try it now and do not forget to highlight under the eye area.


Groom Eyebrows Well

Eye makeup is incomplete if your eyebrows are not groomed well. Eyebrows are an important part of your beautiful face. So,  groom it well and make your face look youthful and beautiful.





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