Fitness Trends That Helps You To Remain Fit

If you are thinking that there are just too many fitness trends to keep up with then you are not alone! Many people have searched on Google for workout trends that is either wanted to try or just curious about. Take a look at some of the workouts that will help to stay fit. Maybe you will get inspired to try out..

Oblique Workout

This workout will help you to keep your help with back pain, posture straight and reduce the chances of muscle strain when you’re picking up heavy objects.

credit: Passion4Profession

Inner Thigh Workouts

So, if you want to have strong legs then working out your inner thighs is essential.  It will help you to get strong legs.

credit: Lottie Murphy

High-intensity interval training or HIIT Workout

This workout involves short periods of lower intensity exercises and alternating between short bursts of intense activity.

credit: Bowflex

 Total Body Resistance Exercises or TRX Workout

This workout involves a suspension trainer who is meant to help build muscle endurance and provide a workout for your whole body.

credit: Athlean-XX for Women

Tabata Workout

It is a form of High-intensity interval training or HIIT in which you workout hard for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and then repeat the pattern for eight rounds.

credit: The Fitologists

Piyo  Workout

This workout is meant to strengthen and stretch your muscles. It is inspired by yoga and pilates. This workout is low-impact enough for you to do at home in your living room.

credit: David & Kate Ingram – Symbiotic Fitness

Burpees Exercise

This exercise has been started in many fitness classes. It is done as a warm-up exercise if you are going to start a boxing class. It is a workout in which you begin in a standing position and moving into a squat position, with your hands on the ground. After that, you kick your feet into plank position with your arms extended, and from there, return to squat position, then to standing.

credit: XHIT Daily



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