How Sleeping Habits Ruin Your Skin

Everybody wants an attractive, beautiful and glowing skin and for most of us getting such skin is putting more effort towards cleansing and moisturizing. But pals I want to share something about looking beautiful and good skin. No matter whatever you do to look pretty or what beauty routine you follow, you can’t look pretty without catching enough sleep daily. So, if you can’t figure out why your skin is getting dull and far from flawless and do not look as healthy as you want it to be, even though you have tried every possible remedy and spent a lot of money for the beauty treatment, then blame your sleeping habits for ruining the glow and beauty of your skin.

If you think that you are not making any sleeping mistakes because you remove your makeup before sleeping is not enough. And, the scariest part is that we don’t even realize that our sleeping habits are impacting our skin.

I am sharing some of the sleeping mistakes below you need to stop right away if you want to have healthy skin

Use soft pillow

Never forget about your pillow. Have you ever taken notes of the texture of your pillow covers you’re using? I am sure the answer is NO. So, if you have not then it’s the right time you must because the bad texture of your pillow covers will make things worse only. So, go for the soft pillow covers because they promote peaceful sleep and takes care of your skin as well. When you use rough pillow covers for a long-time, you’re likely to get the breakdown of collagen wrinkles, back pain, and breakouts. Therefore, it’s imperative that you should use soft pillowcases of satin and silk to minimize the permanent creases and those compression marks on the face. Besides, if you use silk pillowcase, it‘ll help retain moisture.

Do not sleep on your side or on your stomach

I know it’s funny if I ask you to keep track your sleeping positions, no I won’t do it. Then the question arises what to do when you hit the bed. Make sure you lay down straight on your bed, not on your stomach or on your sides. Because study says sleeping on your stomach leads to the back pain and wrinkles also. Reason for this, as per the study report,  is the friction on our skin that occurs when we place your face directly on the pillow. It may also result in breakouts the following day.

Say no to open hair while sleeping

I know it could be a real ache in your head to sleep with a ponytail. It’s not comfortable, but definitely is very effective. It is very effective to sleep with tie hair either in a ponytail or either in a bun while sleeping because sleeping with hair open, your tresses will come in contact with your face and remember so will the natural oil or any other product that you have used on your hair will get in contact with your facial skin as well. And this too can also cause irritation and clog the pores.

Avoid the use of cell phone before sleeping

Avoid cell phone use before hitting your bed. So, if you have the habit of taking your phone to bed or using a cell phone before bed, it’s the time for the breakup with your phone at bedtime. This habit is for good because the light emitted by the cell phone is not really skin’s friendliest. As per the studies, holding the cell phone close to your face while on the bed and in especially in the dark makes you squint your eyes to see the cell phone screen and it can cause wrinkles. Additionally, the blue light never lets you sleep in peace either.

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