How To Make Love to Your Man in a Way That He’ll Never Forget

First thing I want you to remember is, to understand that there’s a big difference between making love and having sex.

In this post, I will share the way you can make love to your man that he will never forget. And the most important thing is you will learn to enjoy that extraordinary and emotional lovemaking too.

I am sure, your mind might be asking you.. What is the difference between making love and having sex ? Is there actually any difference or not ?

Have a look..

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OK, moving on to how-to guide. Let’s start from the very beginning of how to make love to your man.

Feel comfortable first

I am not talking about your couch or bed here. The only most important thing that you need to take care of before making love is making sure that you are totally comfortable with what is about to happen.

If you have never had sex before, then you will understandably be nervous and a little excited hopefully. You have to trust me here, feeling comfortable with your man is the only way you’ll feel safe enough to let go.

However, if you aren’t comfortable and excited about making love or if you even have the smallest, niggling doubt, then hold off on sex completely. You should never feel pressured into getting intimate ever. While you may hope that he can just “read the signs” you need to express how you feel verbally as well.

So make sure that you have found the man that actually cares about you and respects you before you attempt to make love. I know this part isn’t exactly the most exciting, but the other very important aspect of being comfortable is being safe.

Know that it’s a connection on a deeper level- not just sex

There is an absolutely massive difference between making love to a man and just hooking up.

Making love is all about getting closer to your man and connecting on a deeper level with him, both physically and mentally. But just hooking up with a guy is completely different. It is more about lust and just getting off.

When you are making love to your man, you can go slow or fast, but always pay attention to him. In many ways making love to your man is a way to show him just how much you care. While it’s obviously a bonus if you orgasm first, you’ve to be just as focused with making sure that your man gets off too.

So if you really want to make intense love to your man and strongly connect with him, don’t think much about the climax. Think more along the lines of slow, passionate grinding, caressing and embracing your love.

Be the master this time and don’t be scared to be naughty

If your man has gotten used to driving always, then it’s the time that you reverse your roles. Why don’t you stay on top this time ? Initiate with some interesting changes and he’ll definitely welcome these new things!

And don’t hold back when you are with your man. Yes, I know and understand that you have this good-girl image that you hold sacred. But man like to see the other side of you when you aren’t scared to break this good-girl image of you. He will never cause any offense by actually asking you to do something like this. Just show your man that you are really into him and want him as much as he wants you.

Let him desire you and allow him to fantasize

Let go of any inhibitions. If this is the love of your life then you have to give him all of you. Giving him half of you isn’t good enough. Be willing to explore new skylines when it comes to making love with your man.

Being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes can only be good for a few times. But you will need reinvention for him to be with too long. If he’s used to seeing you in decent jeans and tops, why don’t you surprise him this time by letting him see you wearing a very short kimono in your bedroom! It’s unexpected and bizarre to him so he’ll definitely take notice.

Men always love the feeling of getting something that’s not easy to get. So, you can use this concept as well to make your lovemaking more exciting. For instance, why not pretend to be a Hollywood actress tonight that he has this huge crush on? Dress up exactly like her and do the things that he would only dream of!

Your bedroom isn’t the only place where you could do it

Some couples have done it in the shower room, the bathtub, swimming pools, the kitchen, the dining room, – the list could actually go on and on! So, carefully choose the next venue where you want to make love. For it to become more memorable, the place you choose must be unique and oozing with romance.

Let him know that he made you happy

Men want to be assured every time that they are being appreciated, so it’s when it comes to your sex life. You should always verbally assure him that you enjoyed what he did to you in the bedroom and made you very happy. Make him a lovemaking god and he’ll want to keep proving that to you each time!

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