There’s no Ideal Time to Exercise – It’s all in Your Mind

In today’s busy world we don’t really get time for exercise. I am sure, everyone understands the importance of exercise in this modern lifestyle where almost everything can be done automatically. So, if you wish to stay healthy, fit, and look young, one needs to workout regularly. But as soon as you decide to start your workout, you end up taking too long to decide on the exercises you need to include in workout regime to meet your fitness goals.

Once you’ve all the exercises set up with the number of sets and reps you would perform, you are stuck with the next big question to start; what’s the best time to exercise? Should you work out in the morning time or in the evening to get the best results from your workout plan? Well, you shouldn’t be worried about this. Here is why.

Trying to find the ideal time for your workout?
Morning, evening, or dead of night – when’s the best time to exercise? Well, that depends on when is the best time for you to workout, because the benefits of any physical activity depend upon how consistent you are.

You might have heard that early in the morning is the best time for a workout – to get your metabolism going or to avoid any unexpected distractions during the day that could derail your workout routine. But if you are not a morning person like me, it may not work for you to try to get up early at dawn to exercise. The key is to do what is most likely to work for you consistently.

Best time of the day to Workout
The time to exercise matters a lot as it can either make or break your plan to stay fit, but there is no ‘best or ideal’ time that can work for everyone. The best time to workout would depend on various factors such as the weather, your day-long schedule, the location, exercises that you’re planning to perform and your comfort factor as well.

For instance, if you’re living in a place that is humid or hot during the day time, the best time would either be at dawn or in the evening. Similarly, if you are living in a place that’s usually cold throughout the day and you choose to swim for your workout session, you should do it in the afternoon only when the water in your outside pool is supposed to be comparatively warmer.

Since everybody is different, only you would be able to figure out the best or perfect time for your workout. But whatever you decide, the most important things are still going to be the workout and your dedication towards it. So stay determined and consistent to be healthier and fit and keep working out regularly.

What may be more crucial than when
To stay motivated, choose the activities you will enjoy. If you’re a social person, do something that engages you socially. For example, take a dance class, join a recreational team or walk with a group. And if you prefer having time alone, swimming, walking, cycling or biking might be a better fit for you. If you’d like to spend more time with family, you can find an activity you can all do together, like an after-dinner walk or game of soccer may be.

There are so many choices; don’t limit yourself to just one. Having a variety of fitness activities to choose from may keep you from getting burned out or bored.
Here are some activities you can do any time of the day:
Walking, running and jogging
Swimming, Biking, and any sports
Dancing and aerobics
Climbing stairs, Yoga and Pilates
Strength training and weights
Martial arts and Tai Chi
Boxing and kickboxing
There’s no one right time of day to get moving. So do it at the time that’s right for you.

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