What is true beauty?

Beauty is defined in so many ways. It is explained and portrays through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds.

What I have observed is that beauty is simple. It is cheerfulness! It is the pics and moments that embolden and represent the most varied and admirable attractiveness of our souls.

Beauty is the moments when we feel alive. There are thousands of definitions and these definitions are many degrees of each. It is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is a concept that has haunted artists, poets and academics for generations. So girls, get ready to look beautiful and exotic with eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, compact and many more which surely add confidence in you.

5 Ways to look beautiful:

  1. Drink plenty of water:

Every function in our body relies on water. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Taking a minimum of 8 or more glasses of water helps remove out toxins from your body and your skin will look plumper and livelier. It helps you to keep wrinkles away.

  1. Sleep in peace:

Everybody requires rest and it is very necessary as it maintains the balance and keeps you fit and active. A peace sleep is crucial because your body repairs itself while you sleep.  By taking a proper sleep, you will have a glowing skin, lessen the dreaded dark circles under your eyes and of course, you will slow down your aging process.

3.Drink Green Tea:

Green tea is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial to the body. Catechins present in green tea is a form of antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Green tea improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and improves the skin. It also helps in weight loss by reducing fat absorption. So, it is good to make a habit to brew yourself some green tea!

4. Give Your face a massage:

This is the best step that needs to be followed in order to make your skin beautiful and energetic.


  1. Get regular hair trims:

It is important to get your hairs trim at regular intervals. Regular trimming repairs the damages and makes your hairs silky and bouncy.

So, girls follow the above-said steps and make yourself a great icon!

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