Win Your Dream Girl’s Heart with a Perfect Ring

Love connects two hearts, makes you feel happy inside & gives you a reason to smile.  It’s an eternal bond that binds two souls in a beautiful relationship of the wedding.   There is no big day in life than to tie a knot with the love of your life. Wedding day where signifies the importance of rituals there also a ring of wedding/engagement symbolizes the emotions, love, promises & faith both shares. Every love story is beautiful & unique in its own way & one should always be focused when deciding on a wedding or engagement ring.  Let’s see the types of rings that you can choose to represent your love & connection:

  • Cartier Solitaire 1895

Nothing can compete with the timeless design, sparkle & classy look of this ring with prong-set solitaire. It truly brightens up the world of the bride & adds more to her beauty.

  • Erie Basin Pear Diamond Ring

It’s a perfect combination of East & West with a classy traditional look.  It makes a beautiful present with a diamond on the band in a horizontal manner.  Get this amazing ring with a twist on traditional design.

  • Grace Claire Pettibone X Trumpet & Horn

If your girl likes completely trendy & girlish rings, then get this design for her. It is made to be worn for a lifetime as an emblem of love.

  • Satomi Kawakita Rose Cut Solitaire Black Diamond Ring

No two people share the same taste. Therefore, if your girl is bold & of Tomboy style, then a ring with bezel setting is here for her with a gem surrounded by a metal.

  • Harry Winston Emerald-Cut

This is liked by people with a traditional taste.  It shapes rectangular & holds the emerald-cut diamond.

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